Business, Hand-in-hand With Politics

The business community is one of the most influential and powerful sectors right next to the government of any nation. The business community has the capacity to manipulate the economy of a nation. They have the capacity to control and dictate the prices despite what the government and its laws set. This predicament is not only true among powerful countries but the third world countries as well. The business sector is the largest source of revenue for any government anywhere in the free world. This is why the business community is influential and powerful. A nation’s power is generally measured by two major factors. The first is the strength of its military. The second is the strength of its economy. This is why business and politics can’t be separated.

It is true that the business sector is essential to the continued existence of a nation. No country can have a healthy economy without a strong business community. Without the business community a country will not have a source of revenue, the citizens would be unemployed and without a source of living. The government itself will not be able to support it own operation. No major society can exist without a healthy business sector. This is the reason why the business community has such influence on the political direction of a country. Because of this fact, unscrupulous businessmen are able to get away with crimes punishable by law. Big businesses can get away with crimes such as toxic waste dumping, uncontrolled and illegal logging, tax evasion, fraud, bribery, importation of contraband and many other criminal activities. These businesses contribute large amounts of money for the campaigns of politicians. They give extravagant gifts and tokens. They spend a lot of money to lobby for laws to be passed; laws that would favor their businesses. A lot of people in high government positions make so much money from these businesses that they choose to turn a deaf ear and blind eyes to the wrongdoings of these businesses. While it is true that the business community is important to the government and the country, businesses should not be above the law. The government has laws and ordinances pertaining to the business sector and these laws should be implemented to the fullest extent, otherwise, what’s the use of having these laws? The business sector is essential to the welfare of a country but the government should not allow businesses to overstep their limits. This is why nations have government, to protect its people, to protect its sovereign territory and to uphold the law.

No government is above corruption. As ugly as it may sound but this is the truth. Corruption exists in every government, on almost all levels and that’s the way things have been for generations. While it is difficult to change the way things are between governments and businesses, they have no choice but to try. The impact of uncontrolled business practices can be devastating to the economy as evidenced by the economic crisis that we face now. The government should be vigilant in keeping businesses in check. Businesses should not be allowed to overly influence the politics and the government of a nation. It is the government’s responsibility to look after the welfare of the entire nation and its citizens.

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